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Have you (been) Bitten Yet?

Right this moment I lie in a net of white cables running around me haphazardly and some way or the other obstructing my desire to move about. There’s a sleek brick of metal and glass on my left with its white electrical tail running across my stomach into the mother-of-em-all, Mother Mac.

While she draws from her monstrous tail, with a little bludgeon sort of (hot) cube dangling dangerously that is passing around my thighs sort of wrapping me in my comforter and most of all, restricting my legs while I seem to be a part of this metallic and wiry baffled sight by a loop of sound created by two noisy tentacles that are speaking in to my ear… The Entrancing Earphonies, who by the way have a better half. The elder son from Ma-Mac, a much more polished speaker now though: The iPot Classico who is currently receiving MY Music and MY Visuals from Ma-Mac as he dazes into nothingness and keeps saying – ‘SINK-ing’, just spelled differently… Fool!

I am right now bound to think of a possible classic debate (or not) that, What is this ‘fruit-name’ bearing Incorporate upto?

Is Apple trying to sell a feeling of liberation to its users:

  • a PC User breaks out of the clan to experience the exotic Macintosh.
  • The Phone User gets to use a Phone with NO KEYS. (How the hell did he come up with THAT!?).
  • And Multi-media, your sounds & music, in one Smoke Case Size Tablet…

and more of it’s extremely indulging gadgets…which actually let you handle your data with your fingertips and oh so smoothly!


Is Apple sucking on your freedom by acting as a pawn to a bigger Beast, One Level Higher, and making us completely addicted and dependent on this convenient Killer even more | Technology?

Personally, I have felt the pangs go deeper ever since the ‘White Knight’ has coaxed me into ‘Better Tech Land’ and my realization of severely reduced ‘span of attention’ and ’empty memory space’ has me worried and wanting for continuous supply of stimulus, of different kinds though, due to lack of a certain kind of focus.

I am afraid that the age of the Ape may return sooner with more shiny toys, toys that could talk faster, listen sharper, solve quicker, show bigger and feel stronger. They will bring back and perhaps complete the cycle of human evolution. 

From a user Point of View I urge you to think about the direction we are headed in…

Are you willing to BYTE in?

Would you put your WORD out here or just jot a POWER POINT in your notebook?

Feel free to share your opinions on the matter and consider me a fellow passenger as I too escalate to the depths | a Digital Demise.

Yours Truly


For better or worse | shall reflect from your words…


Proje(K)t: Jahan Numa – i – Masjid | Jama Masjid

The Dome

On an auspicious day of Eid – ul – Fitr  (the day of ending the fast), from somewhere in this cosmos came a message in my usually lost consciousness to pay visit to the land where a million prayers, a million hands, a million hearts and a million minds lay out prayers collectively to bring all the holiness of the Almighty up above and inside, upon this land of great majesty and welcoming warmth, upon the people who reside in the heart of the Golden Bird, upon the forests and beasts that reside in her, upon the people who together give it it’s rusty brown shade of labor and it’s solemn heart of Gold.

This Temple is where a million hearts yearn for a Blessed India and a blissful people.


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FRIEND | ly Band : A dedication.

In my short span of Blogging this is going to be my first ever dedication.

Not so long ago… it was in a foreign land, in our homes where the bond was made. Out of the strangest possible connection, was born a friendship very rare (I know I know.. all friends are rare and special… yada yada yada… just read on).


Of whatever time I have had to be with her… it has all been, how shall I say it, rather FUN. Our talks have wandered from the bottoms of empty beer bottles to the highs of nicest medical greens of New York City and they all weren’t much except… only fun, engulfing and unusual.


At a moment when I was missing and thinking of New York every day… that includes many of my dear friends, the days, the nights, the mornings and the evenings of New York I received present from this Friend… A beautiful little Blue velvet pouch, inside which was a very thoughtful present… Perhaps the most thoughtful I have received from friends.

A Bracelet.


Neety, Thank You very much for a present that will continue to remind me of a dearly far away and  yet here in my thoughts. Always.

This one’s to a helluva friend.

Old Street | Old Delhi | Old Stories

There isn’t just one story to be told in these depths of Delhi.

Ever since I have landed on the soil of India, coincidentally my Home, there has been an insatiable eagerness to visit the streets of a part of Delhi where the sands and air have catered to the Rickshaw pullers, Johns, The Mughals and the Beggars alike.

The Indian Flag waving atop the Lal Kila (Red Fort) in full fervor.

One such street in the ‘Walled City’ of Delhi is the Chandni  Chowk Road which heads straight into the Lahore Gate of the LaL Kila (Red Fort).

Many Sun rise and Sun sets past since… the sands swirl still and the water wishes to pour over all. The sand sprinkles itself to make grip for the daily on-walkers and fulfill it’s destiny after endless grinding on the street with many feet atop.

A few feet above these feet, it seems like an ocean of floating faces…some of which say stories, some about themselves, some about some other faces.

Here is an attempt at capturing some of these stories of the ‘Sultans of the Walled City’.

Sinbad the Sailor

The Three Musketeers.

The Shoemaker and the Elves.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

The stories from the streets – kip rolling

[Who are you | Today]

Somewhere in the Cosmos…

The Sun was out, again, without a hint of what he was going to witness down below.

Meanwhile on Earth…

Three friends in Brooklyn were juggling with definitions of ‘iconoclast’ and ‘conformist’ in terms of Visual Representation (clothing and personal style). Amrit, a very dear friend and Street Style Blogger originally brought the idea to the table. He informed us about a Street Style Project that encouraged people to ponder and wander over their style statements and share them.

In the future…

It was time again for the Sun to travel through his daily course. Just this time He was anxious and waiting to witness.

The Witness.

After much Commotion of Colors; Arguments between Apparels; Interjection in Ideas and Accord about Appearances; Puneesh*, Amrit and I had completed the creation of two ensembles, antonymic in most respects viz. Personal style, definition, appearance and message.

*flashback: A beloved friend from old times, a Musician and Art Blogger.

Against the contrary, no effort was put to conceal the paradox of the ensembles. Right to the very details, a peacock feather shimmered to complement the glamour of a floral pocket square as if only the existence of one could bring the other’s to life.

Peacock Feather - Floral Pocket Square - Green

A pair of eyes from behind rose tinted glasses squinted at the Flairy Bohemian when he felt the sight from behind Dark Green Sunglasses eyeing the Canny Dandy. A rare moment of witnessing the contrast that quickly reconciles the concept of complete.

* That the value of one lies in it’s opposite. *

To interpret the ensembles only w.r.t fashion would be far from doing justice to the carefully crafted personalities by the means of apparels and accessories. To observe the effects of these outfits on the wearer and viewers alike was the prime objective of the project.

Whilst discussions, Amrit inquired about our opinions on the ensembles that we sported, I described mine as a combination out of a traveller’s understandings that exhibit the style and tradition from diverse cultures that he may have experienced. Puneesh, on the other hand, described his outfit as a combination of minimalism and extravagance while subtly showcasing the grandiose of colors and pomp.

Although it is seldom to pay attention to glances and whispers around, I must say there was no dearth of either. The squints from the corners, the whispers and full-blown glances cemented our doubts and we knew that we had achieved our objectives.

The Revelation.

An experiment always brings about some knowledge of the usual or the unusual. This experiment with first impressions controlled primarily by appearance alleviated our understandings and connections with each other and the rest.

The only question: What do you want to reveal? Today.

Wandering Brummell        the proje(K)tor            ar[t]runk

Meanwhile in Cosmos…

The Sun settled into rest as he saw few stars erupting far beyond and the half-earth sliding into darkness / light.

Lonely New York(er)

Subject: On March 12 2012, a photography enthusiast wandering on the streets of New York and off, stumbled upon a pattern in his photographs. As you may have judged by the title, it pertains to loneliness of the people of New York, captured by the lens of a lone photographer: Yours Truly.

Inspired by the David Bowie Song, Space Oddity. This compilation is a proje(K)tion of my odd interpretation of the composition. Thus I present to you:

| Aloofness Unobstructed |

*Best experienced with audio*

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Photography by proje(K)tor.

Audio by David Bowie

In the Belly of the Beast | Union Square |

In the middle of the land where roam the men in Black Coats and women in High Heels lies a sanctuary,where a few take respite. A breath of Sigh. A gush of Relief.

Where the few free from the crowd, the few who reject to be a part of the ongoing melancholia, take refuge in it’s shade and explode in full fervor…the few who wish to stand out, come to me.

| A stroke of color |

| A composition of sound |

| A song of WORDS, a beat exhilarating or |

| An expression unbound. |

On my land, you may begin a story by selling a story or play a melody to scare away the blues.  In the belly of the beast you may find your next muse.

Here lies me. I am the Union Square.

Amidst the loud bellows of the mechanical serpents that intertwine in the bowels of the beast, present these great artists with noble causes a portrait of shimmering enthuse, not of metal – but of valor. The reason? If you may wonder….is not more than the intention to make the mundane forget the sorrow and deluge in the lives of passing commuters: the element of joy, inspiration, appreciation and contribution.

Past sun down the theme of this square begins to change when the setting begins to double as a coliseum for the chariots of Modern Gladiators whose victory lies not in Avenge but in Acrobat.

Meanwhile inside, the winds have changed course from ‘soothe’ to ‘supplicate’ and the sounds have evolved.  A troupe of masked musicians takes over the fortress and creates music to enthrall the inner demons of the passing commuter. Enticed by the sounds, the name of the Musical Assemblage, is a Satirical question one may find asking his contriving self:  | You Bred Raptors? |

The quivered and now shaken Populace, is presented with one last Harmony before they ride the metal serpent to their next destination, a harmony to bless the departing with inspiration for tomorrow, for He has a new day and much struggle, He will have to bear.

In my Lair,

leaves no children with a wrenched heart

and a Soul so bare…

Here I stand in Peace and I live it every day,

I am | Union Square |

:Union Square is a New York City Metro train station where artists perform to spread the joy of art and publicize themselves alongside. It is a venue where people feel liberated to express themselves. I took a step back from this and assumed the Station as alive and wrote the story of the what goes inside it. It is the belly and the beast is New York City where many lives are changed innumerable times every day and the wrench of the day stays with the commuter whose day is then lightened on his way back home via the Union Square… but not without some lessons.:
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